Ruine Hinterhaus-Spitz (3) npj, © Naturpark Jauerling-Wachau

Further circular hiking trails

The panoramic circular hiking trails in the Jauerling-Wachau Nature Park lead over sunny vineyards, hundred-year-old stone terraces and dry-stone walls.

Apricot and fruit orchards, natural beech forests, shady woodlands, beautiful meadows, past castles, ruins, and palaces and with views of the free-flowing Danube, over the Alps and into the Waldviertel. In addition, you can look forward to Austria's most beautiful historic villages - designated as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Wachau.

The circular trails are numbered and labelled with yellow signs, leading in one direction and thus always right back to the starting point. Sturdy shoes, weatherproof clothing, and provisions are basic requirements for a safe and enjoyable hiking tour. After hiking, the best Wachau wine taverns and Waldviertel cider taverns, classic inns, and the nature park house on the Jauerling await you. In total, you have a choice of 21 circular hiking trails in the nature park and in the nature park communities.

  • “Tut Gut” routes, Spitzer-Graben panorama trail, Seeber circuit, Braunegger circuit, Kreuzriedel circuit, St. Michael circuit, Großer Berg circuit, Köferinger circuit, Rotes Tor circular trail, Zeining-Jauerling-Steig trail, Planetary Hiking Trail