Pupils of the nature park schools collect apples, © VS Emmersdorf

Jauerling Juice Shop

An apple juice that connects an entire region and its schools!

Our very own apple juice - made with apples from the nature park and harvested by the pupils themselves: This is the result of the school project “Jauerlinger Saftladen”, which is successfully carried out together with the seven primary schools, the secondary school in Emmersdorf and the secondary school in Spitz in the Jauerling-Wachau Nature Park.

The "Jauerlinger Saftladen" is a project to raise awareness of regional products, traditional agriculture, and the effects of climate change. Thus, the project has been making an important contribution to education for sustainable development since it was started in 2011. The focus is on producing our own apple juice together with all schools in the nature park. The children collect apples from the orchards in their respective communities. Every year, about 200 children, teachers and parents participate in harvesting apples for 2,000 to 3,000 litres of apple juice. The juice is provided to the schools free of charge. In class, the children learn about the special animals and plants that depend on the meadow orchard as a habitat. The label on the bottles is designed by the pupils themselves as part of an inter-school drawing competition, which also allows them to engage with the topic in a creative way.

The flagship project has already won several awards. In 2019, the initiative was awarded the VIKTUALIA Award. In 2017, the Jauerling-Wachau Nature Park, together with the seven Jauerling primary schools, received the largest domestic nature conservation award "Die Brennnessel - Naturschutz is ka gmahde Wies'n" from the non-profit private foundation Blühendes Österreich. In June 2013, the Jauerlinger Saftladen was awarded by the Austrian UNESCO Commission and the Ministry of Culture as a best practice example within the "UN Decade for Sustainable Development 2003-2014".

In terms of the implementation of the Jauerlinger Saftladen, the nature park relies on cooperation with partners:

2021: Landesgalerie Niederösterreich


2019: KFFÖ

2017-2019: Blooming Austria