Raxendorf, one of the beautiful villages in the nature park, © Markus Haslinger

Seven communities - one Nature Park

Developing the Nature Park region together!

The nature park communities of Aggsbach, Emmersdorf, Maria Laach, Mühldorf, Raxendorf, Spitz, and Weiten stand for an original, familiar, and gentle cultural landscape that is inseparably linked to the people who live here. The authentic villages radiate tangible peace and strength. The numerous down-to-earth hamlets and villages are the result of the development of the rural area over centuries - and they are an inseparable part of the historical Jauerling heritage. Together, the nature park communities set an example for sustainable further development of the nature park region. Visit the nature park communities and learn about the history of the landscape and the people who live here!

Nature Park Communities