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Programmes for schools and kindergardens

Programmes for schools and kindergartens: Where learning becomes an experience!

Pack your rucksack, nature is our classroom today! What child does not enjoy being out in nature?

Not only does it provide a pleasant change from the daily routine at school or kindergarten, but spending time in nature is also fun, healthy, and can provide unique learning opportunities! The Jauerling Nature Workshop offers a bookable educational programme for kindergartens and schools. The groups are accompanied by experienced nature educators who have been trained in nature and landscape education, forest education, herbal education, and other educational training.

Note on COVID 19: When running the programmes for schools and kindergartens, the legal requirements at the time of the event apply.

Address of the Jauerling Nature Workshop: Wiesmannsreith 9, 3643 Wiesmannsreith. Search "Naturwerkstatt Jauerling" on Google Maps!