Nature education for school classes in the nature park, © Martina Siebenhandl


Conveying exciting and interesting facts about nature and sustainability to children, nature park residents, and guests is essential in order to promote appreciation for the unique nature on our doorstep! Learning should become an experience! The following measures for the education pillar were identified during the process of drawing up the nature park concept:

Expansion of cooperation with nature park schools and schools and kindergartens in the nature park

The schools and kindergartens in the nature park region have an impressive landscape on their doorstep. By anchoring the theme of the nature park in the lessons and implementing joint projects, the appreciation of the children, teachers, and parents for this landscape can be increased.

Continuation and expansion of the project "Jauerlinger Saftladen "

The Jauerlinger Saftladen, in which the children in the nature park region collect apples which then are pressed into apple juice, unites all schools in the region. The success of the project will be maintained in the long term through its great potential and constant expansion also in regard to regional development.

Establishment of a nature mediator network and promotion of the programmes

Through further training and strengthening the position of nature educators in the region, the nature park topics are able to be communicated better to people; further, the nature park idea can be presented at a superregional level.

Establishing the Stauferhütte as a nature workshop with a bookable programme

As a central contact point for environmental education in the nature park, the Jauerling nature workshop is intended to become the flagship and logistical hub for the educational programmes in the nature park.

Raising awareness to strengthen the residents' identification with the nature park

The nature park is still not perceived by many locals. Through specific measures and participatory projects together with the population, the various target groups will be familiarised with the nature park in order for them to see the potential that lies in their region and thus can be proud of their nature park.