Hiking map, © Pixabay


Creating feel-good places with attractive and high-quality recreation offers for locals and guests: That is what we are committed to! The following measures for the recreation pillar were identified during the process of creating the nature park concept:

Development of bookable nature park offers

The small-structured landscape of the nature park area and the Jauerling, the highest mountain in the Danube region, offer a variety of opportunities to experience nature as well as regional delicacies that are worth a visit but are mostly unknown to guests of the Wachau. By developing tourist offers that can be booked by target groups, nature-based tourism in the nature park area is strengthened.

Establishment of a functioning hiking trail management system

The Jauerling-Wachau Nature Park offers a large network of hiking trails –  350 km in total. Through clear responsibilities and the establishment of a volunteer network, the care, maintenance, and labelling of the trails is ensured for unrestricted hiking enjoyment.

Introduction of a guide system for the Jauerling-Wachau Nature Park

The Jauerling is a popular excursion destination in Lower Austria. The nature park, on the other hand, has had little presence up to now and other sights or experiences in the seven municipalities outside the summit area have been little marketed. By implementing a uniform and well-thought-out image and guide system for the nature park, the nature park’s visibility will be increased for both locals and guests alike.