Zukunfswerkstatt_Gruppe_npj, © Naturpark Jauerling-Wachau

Konzept für den Naturpark Jauerling-Wachau 2020-2025

Seven municipalities - One nature park. A region that wants to establish itself as a model region for sustainable development in rural areas. To promote this development in a targeted manner, a roadmap is needed. With the nature park concept, an instrument is created to define the complex interplay between natural space requirements, tourism concepts, educational goals and regional development, as well as to formulate goals and measures for the future of the nature park.

The nature park concept defines the strategic guidelines for the further development of the nature park for the coming years and is oriented towards the 4 pillars of the nature park philosophy - protection, education, regional development and recreation. With this strategy document, the nature park not only fulfils its legal mandate, but can thereby promote self-determined, sustainable development in the region. This nature park concept is not meant to be a document for the drawer, but a concrete roadmap of how the nature park should develop in the coming years. And in the way that the people who live here envision.

We would like to thank all the committed nature park residents, farmers, entrepreneurs in the nature park as well as other actors in the fields of nature conservation, education, tourism and regional development who have contributed to shaping the future of the nature park. We are looking forward to a constructive and successful cooperation for the implementation of the nature park concept in the next 5 years!

The nature park concept was adopted by the board in May 2020.

Nature Park Concept

Meadow netting, © Martina Siebenhandl


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