Nature Park Specialities Tasting, © Gerda Jäggi

Regional development

From the region for the region: We provide impulses for strengthening the quality of life and for positive economic development by promoting local value-added projects! The following measures for the regional development pillar were identified during the process of creating the nature park concept:

Establishing cooperation between Christmas tree growers and the nature park

In recent decades, Christmas tree cultivation has established itself on the Jauerling as an important source of additional income for many farmers, but it has also had an impact on the landscape. By establishing a cooperation between the nature park and Christmas tree producers, a common path for sustainable and nature-oriented Christmas tree production is to be found.

Establishment of the Nature Park brand for agricultural and tourism products

The Nature Park brand is intended to support sustainable and small-scale agriculture as a guarantor for the preservation of biodiversity by securing local and regional markets for producers in the Nature Park. In this context, a network of nature park producers and partner enterprises is to be established, a "nature park shelf" is to be set up at local suppliers and sales strategies for local markets are to be developed.

Expansion of regional mobility offers

Due to low frequency and unclear timetables, the Jauerling-Wachau Nature Park is difficult to reach by public transport. With the expansion of alternative mobility offers, such as the nature park hiking bus, the public connection of the Jauerling-Wachau Nature Park and excursion tourism with public transport in the region should be strengthened, especially at weekends.